Complex of measures
Complex of measures

The sphere of activity of the RSA PA Okhotzooprom covers various regions of the republic. The enterprise has gained a unique experience in the protection, reproduction and use of the animal world, which allows us to characterize it as having no analogues either in the Republic of Kazakhstan or in the CIS countries.

The RGKP PO Okhotzooprom has a fauna protection service, which includes five regional branches:
  • Kyzylorda regional branch (location of Kyzylorda),
  • Central regional branch (location of Nur-Sultan),
  • Aktobe regional branch (location of Aktobe)
  • Western Kazakhstan regional branch (location Uralsk)
  • East Kazakhstan regional branch (location of Ayagoz)
For the proper protection of rare and endangered wild ungulates, the Enterprise takes comprehensive measures:
  • The transition of visits of raid groups from the rotational security method to business trips with a floating work schedule, which, if necessary, allows you to quickly ensure the strengthening of security measures, was carried out;

  • A plan was developed for carrying out joint activities to comply with environmental legislation with structural subdivisions of regional significance (DP, OTI, environmental prosecutor’s office and natural resources and environmental management regulation);

  • Measures are being taken to block the main roads with the help of mobile observation posts on the basis of Kung and Berloga vehicles.

A pilot project for the implementation of a SMART program has been launched, which allows collecting information and analyzing it on environmental protection measures. This program is used in practice in many countries around the world. The satellite monitoring system for the movement of vehicles allows in real time to receive data on the location of vehicles of a certain group.