Relocation of wild animals

In the structure of the Committee for Forestry and Wildlife at the RSE «PA» Okhotzooprom «, in 2018, the only «Wildlife Resettlement Center» was created in the republic.

The Wildlife Resettlement Center includes the North-East and Shilikty hunting grounds, where work on semi-free breeding of rare and endangered species of wild ungulates. Hunting farm «North-East» has an area of ​​470380 hectares, located in the north-eastern part of the Karkaralinsky district of the Karaganda region.

Hunting farm «Shilikty» is located in the Astrakhan region, Akmola region. Area is 39666 hectares.

Notices were made and installed, which carry information about the hunting economy, the boundaries of hunting farms, reproduction areas and dormant zones, as well as periods and places prohibited for hunting, and also informs about responsibility for illegal hunting, has a map of the hunting farm.

В деятельность Центра входит:

    1. Development of biological justifications for the resettlement of rare and endangered species of ungulates on the territory of Kazakhstan, with further visits to the places of the proposed resettlement areas, for the organization and installation of special traps (purchase of materials, construction of corrals and corals, purchase of feed for feeding animals, etc.) ;
    2. Organization and participation in activities for the capture and transportation of wild animals to the recommended release areas. In the future, work is envisaged for the relocation (introduction) of such species of animals as the kulan, tugai deer, mountain sheep, gazelles, etc .;
    3. Active participation in the implementation of other nature conservation programs (projects) for the resettlement of wild animals (maral, roe deer, wild boar, etc.) in Kazakhstan;
    4. Organization and participation in activities for tagging relocated animals (satellite collars, transmitters, etc.), tracking them using satellite systems, with the clarification of the further distribution pattern and the degree of their adaptation to the new habitat;
    5. Participation in the analysis of the market of Kazakhstan in the acquisition of special equipment, preparation of technical specifications for submission to public procurement (vehicles, transport containers, cages, veterinary equipment and means of immobilization and stress relief, etc.).
    6. The division carries out work on the reintroduction and possible introduction of wild animals on the territory of Kazakhstan, with trips to the places of the proposed resettlement areas, studying domestic and foreign experience on resettlement of animals and issuing well-grounded recommendations for their improvement.

Expected results

    The implementation of measures for the development of the Center in full are indicated in the Development Program of the «Wildlife Resettlement Center» in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period 2019-2023, with the designation of priority goals and objectives.

Калькуляция на переселение диких животных:
Итоги работы центра в 2018 году:

1. Recruitment of specialists of the Center was carried out according to the staffing table of the enterprise in the amount of 13 units;

2. Rented temporary office space for the center;

3. A tender was announced for the acquisition in 2018, including:

  • office equipment, office furniture and other equipment;
  • special off-road vehicles (KAMAZ — 1 unit) for submission to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (single organizer of public procurement);
  • special equipment, etc.

4. On the initiative of the authorized body, a real estate object belonging to the Kazakh Forest Inventory Enterprise was transferred to the balance sheet of the RSA «PA «Okhotzooprom» for the location of the office of the Wildlife Resettlement Center (located at: Almaty, Turksib district, st. . Yerevan, 2/3). The Company’s specialists have reissued the documents for the ownership of this land plot with an area of ​​0.5605 hectares.

5. Toyota Hilux cars were purchased in the amount of 2 units.

6. The calculation of prices for services provided in the field of relocation of wild animals has been agreed and approved by the authorized body.

7. At the end of 2018, biological substantiations were developed, including:

  • «For catching, semi-free (aviary) keeping and breeding of the Kazakh mountain sheep Ovis ammon collium for the purpose of its commercial use in the Karkaralinsky district of the Karaganda region on the territory of the hunting farm» North-East » RGKP PO Okhotzooprom. The biological substantiation project was sent for approval to the Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control (state environmental expertise).
  •  “For catching, semi-free (aviary) keeping and breeding of the maral (wild form) Cervus elaphus sibiricus for the purpose of its commercial use in the Karkaralinsky district of the Karaganda region on the territory of the hunting farm“ North-Vostochnoye ”of the Republican State Enterprise“ PO Okhotzooprom ”. The biological substantiation project was sent for approval to the Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control (state environmental expertise).

8. Based on the request of the RPO «ASBK» for assistance in catching kulans in the territory of the state enterprise » Altyn-Emel «of Almaty region, the RSE «PA»Okhotzooprom» provided 5 units of specialized UAZ cars for catching animals. The specialists of the wild animal relocation center took an active part in these works, where they gained a lot of practical experience.

9. We agreed and approved in the authorized body the roadmap for the development of the Resettlement Center for 2018.

10. In agreement with the authorized body on 02.12.2018. A group of 4 specialists from the RSE «PA» Okhotzooprom «went by invitation to the Biosphere Reserve» Askania-Nova «to exchange experience. During a working trip to the Biosphere Reserve, the Center’s specialists got acquainted with the activities of the reserve, the technology of keeping and raising wild ungulates, their feeding and winter stall keeping. We also got acquainted with the technology of keeping saigas in semi-free conditions, the technology of feeding and the technology of raising young saigas.

11. According to the order of the RSE «PA» Okhotzooprom «, a working group was created to develop a development program for the Center for 2019-2023. A draft program for the development of the Wildlife Resettlement Center for 2019-2023 has been developed, which is aimed at approval and approval by the authorized body.

12. In the period from 23 to 29 December 2018, employees of the Wildlife Resettlement Center of the RSE «PA» Okhotzooprom» jointly took part in the activities to catch tugai deer on the territory of the Syrdarya of the Turkestan nursery (Turkestan region) and their resettlement to the territory of the SPR «Ile-Balkhash» (Almaty region).

Coordinator of the WWF project — World Wildlife Fund. As part of the implementation of the «Biological substantiation of the capture and reintroduction of Bukhara deer in the Ile-Balkhash State Enterprise for 2018-2021.» On the territory of the Almaty region, it is planned to transfer 10 deer, but according to the work carried out, 5 deer were caught and transported (2 males, 3 females), the release of deer to the nursery of the reserve was organized. All the transported reindeer safely left the transport cages.

Итоги работы центра в 2019 году:

In the plan of the Enterprise for 2019, a proposal was made to purchase special vehicles for the needs of the Resettlement Center, including:

  • — KAMAZ vehicles (6×6) — 1 unit;
  • — UAZ Patriot vehicles — 4 units. (purchased);
  • — UAZ Hunter vehicles — 4 units. (for the needs of hunting farms);
  • — motor vehicles — 4 units;
  • -ATV — 4 units;
  • — trailers — 4 units;

1. Developed and approved technical specifications for materiel, machinery and equipment, announced public procurement. Potential suppliers of materiel, machinery and equipment of the Wildlife Resettlement Center have been declared for all technical specifications. Work is underway to acquire them.

2. According to the development plan, the Center has already acquired the enterprises, including:

    • On-board truck KAMAZ (6×6), designed for the transportation of goods (transport cages for animals) on all types of roads and terrain, allowing to overcome even serious off-road. A manipulator is installed on this on-board truck, which provides lifting;
    • Automotive UAZ Patriot 4 units;
    • Veterinary drugs for their use when trapping wild animals;
    • More than 30 items of equipment and tools for use by specialists of the Center in the field (during the construction of corrals, etc.).

3. An adjustment was made to the calculation approved by the authorized body for the full range of services provided by the hunting farms of the RSA «PA «Okhotzooprom to individuals during amateur hunting for 2019 with the introduction of changes in the pricing policy.

4. In April of this year, the employees of the Center, consisting of the chief veterinarian and specialists in the capture of wild animals, took part in carrying out planned veterinary preventive measures at the Almaty Zoo. The zoo staff familiarized the Center’s specialists with practical methods of catching animals kept in cages and pens, with the methods of animal vaccination. The Center’s specialists have gained practical experience and skills in vaccinating wild animals in the conditions of their enclosure.

5. In the period from April 21 to May 04, 2019, the specialists of the Center, in agreement with the authorized body, participated in the marking of onions on the territory of the Barsakelmes gas processing plant, for the implementation of the project for the resettlement of onions to the territory of the Altyn-Dala GPR in the Zhangeldinsky district of Kostanay area. As a result of the successful capture of three specimens of kulans, RPA ASBK installed satellite collars on them. The data obtained from the collars will further help to determine the main habitat of asians on the territory of the reserve.

6. In the period from 12 to 22 July 2019, specialists from the Wildlife Resettlement Center participated in the transportation of live Central Asian turtles (Testudo horsfieldii) in the amount of 4,100 individuals confiscated during an attempt to illegally import into the Russian Federation from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and release them into Arys massif of the Turkestan region. 6.From 17 to 19 August 2019, in the city of Almaty, within the framework of the implementation of a joint project of the RPA ACBK on the resettlement of kulans, a training was held for the specialists of the Center, with the participation of leading international veterinarians. At the seminar, they listened to a theoretical course and conducted practical exercises on the territory of the Almaty Zoo.