Hunting farm
Hunting farm

The RSA «PA «Okhotzooprom» is in charge of the North-East and Shilikty hunting farms.

The main indicator of the development of hunting farms is the increase in the number of species of hunting animals (roe deer, wild boar, hares, fox, ducks, geese, grouse, partridges) to a level corresponding to the ecological capacity of their habitat. This task is facilitated by measures to reduce the level of illegal hunting animals on the territory of the farm, the fight against poaching.

Implementation of the Game Development Plan will allow:
  • To increase the number of objects of the animal world and their range.

  • Rationally use objects of the animal world, including in commercial and scientific directions.

  • To develop hunting economy and hunting tourism.

  • Develop scientific and methodological recommendations.
  • Profit from commercial activities.

  • To study and carry out scientific research on the biotechnological foundations of the conservation of the gene pool of wild animals.

  • To draw the attention of the population to the issues of respect for the objects of the animal world and their habitat.

Hunting management cost estimate 2019