Release of animals and birds into the natural environment

The release of animals and birds into the wild is an important event aimed at protecting and restoring the population of rare and endangered species.

Type name2016201720182019
Peregrine falcon22244063
Saker falcon2211288
Bustard beauty1045254336942186

High-ranking officials of the Gulf countries in the period 2016-2019 200 falcons were released in the Karaganda region and 9468 bustard beauties in the Mangistau and Turkestan regions.

For the period 2005-2019 in the nursery for the reproduction of the beauty bustard, 1258 eggs were collected and transferred to the study of the reproductive ability of birds and further breeding.

The enterprise implements state programs for the settlement of rare species of animals. For the period 2006-2019 were resettled:

  • 17 tugai deer;
  • 10 argali;
  • 20 gazelles;
  • 133 kulanS.